Hart Magazine  14.08.2019

Hart Magazine 14.08.2019


“Luna Duran is the artist finding spirituality through hook suspension.

Meet the artists behind HART issue 3! We talked to the suspension artist and body piercer Luna Duran about her practice and her journey.

First off, let's start with your definition of “Suspension” as it’s not something everyone knows about.”…


Witnessing Funeral Doom, NSFW Blood Rituals, and Feminine Power in the Heart of Ridgewood DIY

“To be born female is to be intimate with pain: the dizzying cycles of bloodletting, the splitting horrors of childbirth, the social othering that casts us into roles we did not choose: virgin, whore, harridan, demon. Our choices are to break under patriarchal will, or follow the path of pain to power.

On Saturday night at Trans Pecos in Brooklyn, Myth To Flesh: Live confronted this intersection of physical and psychic pain through music, performance, and photography that explored alternative narratives of femininity. The collaborative project, conceived by Gretchen Heinel and Luna Duran”…

Märkische Allgemein 11.02.2019

Märkische Allgemein 11.02.2019

Diese Frau aus Velten lässt sich an ihrer Haut aufhängen

Luna Duran, Piercerin im Veltener Studio, ließ sich im Rahmen von Performances schon rund 20-Mal an ihrer Haut aufhängen. Zuletzt reiste die Körperkünstlerin dafür nach Island, im Mai geht es in die USA. Dort wartet eine große Herausforderung.”…

Slutist's Legacy of the Witch Fest was a NSFW Celebration of the Feminine and the Divine

“Members of Wax Idols, Sabbath Assembly, and Void Vision reflect on a bloody, glittering evening of burlesque, witchcraft, and female empowerment.”…